yoga + feasting + ceramics workshop day retreat (Amsterdam)
1:00 PM13:00

yoga + feasting + ceramics workshop day retreat (Amsterdam)

Our day retreats join together like minded, open hearted, curious ones, who often come as solo strangers and leave intertwined as friends. Set in the beautiful White Door Studio, our day starts with an hour and a half of smooth flowing vinyasa yoga, breath work and meditation, always creative and always with the offer of a playful challenge. Followed by a delicious vegetarian feast, inspired the seasons and giving everyone the chance for a good old chat. Then we twirl the space into a place to create, a place to pour out your heart, and zen your mind. Led by sculptor and Studio Pansa founder Lennard, you’ll develop a variety of hand build techniques to enable you to finally make that hanging planter or mug of your dreams. You’ll have plenty of time to play before getting serious and depending on your own speed might come away with more than one special piece.


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